We’re going to Space.
Let’s do it with a sensitivity to ethics, design and human experience.

We are a design consultancy specializing in extraplanetary habitats and systems. Unlike other outfits that provide visualization, often drawing from sci-fi cliché, we take a critical, visionary and technically literate approach to concept design based on an understanding of the relevant physical principles, beautiful design and human factors. Jetportal is led by Jeffrey Montes, designer of projects such as Mars Ice House, Mars Ice Home, Marsha, and ECOTOPE. He works across the fields of architecture, spacecraft, exploration robotics and human health where he excels at finding opportunities for design excellence in highly technical systems governed by engineering constraints.

Currently, Jeffrey is leading Space initiatives at AI SpaceFactory, an architecture and technology startup based in New York City.

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Jetportal Spaceformcraft has established relationships with the industry’s most recognized and respected subject matter experts including planetary physicists, Martian and Lunar geologists, geophysical engineers, Space mining engineers, materials designers, construction technologists, testing engineers, and roboticists.