Jetportal Spaceformcraft is a Space architecture and design consultancy 

offering design and concept development for Space activities including habitats, robotic craft, infrastructure and mission concepts.

Jetportal Spaceformcraft is led by Jeffrey Montes, a Space Architect in ardent critical support of Space settlement. He has worked on numerous NASA proposals across the fields of architecture, spacecraft and exploration robotics and excels at finding opportunities for design excellence in highly technical systems governed by engineering constraints. As a designer among engineers and scientists, Jeffrey helped his team win the 2015 Caltech Space Challenge with Labitat , a deep-space habitat for an asteroid sample return mission. After completing his studies at Columbia University GSAPP, he co-designed Mars Ice House, an architectural concept for a translucent Martian surface habitat made of Martian water ice awarded First Prize in Phase I of the NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge and subsequently Mars Ice Home, an ongoing design collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center that combines the rigors of first-principles design with a commitment to creating spaces that support human living on a strange but strangely familiar planet. In November 2018, materials specified for the ice-wall assembly of the Home will be tested for one year aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and exposed to the Space environment as part of the MISSE 11 mission.

Most recently, Jeffrey led the team responsible for MARSHA, endorsed by NASA with a top prize in Phase III of the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge for it's radical re-imagining of habitation. The team leveraged advanced digital design tools in the creation of novel habitable spaces tuned to the demands of a Mars mission.

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Collaborators, Consultants and Friends

Jetportal Spaceformcraft has established relationships with the industry’s most recognized and respected subject matter experts including planetary physicists, Martian and Lunar geologists and geochemists, geophysical engineers, systems enigineers, Space mining engineers, concrete and polymer designers, construction technologists, materials testing engineers, roboticists and designers.