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Radical habitability.
First-principles design.
Integrated form.
Space architecture.

Jetportal Spaceformcraft is a design and research consultancy specializing in Space architecture. It carries out deep design research, concept development, and artifact resolution through the full architectural stack including structures, construction systems, and interior spaces and environments that support human occupants.

Jetportal was founded by Jeffrey Montes, a Space architect and cross-disciplinary technologist whose ground-breaking work on habitat designs has been awarded by NASA and private institutions and exhibited around the planet. Most recently, Jeffrey founded Space architecture work at AI SpaceFactory, where he developed the iconic NASA-awarded Mars habitat design Marsha

Jeffrey is also known for his co-design of the innovative habitat Mars Ice House and for co-developing a translucent, ice-shielded toroidal Mars habitat with NASA called Mars Ice Home. He is also a Research Fellow at Open Lunar Foundation, a non-profit shaping plans, policies and applications for a peaceful, cooperative lunar future.


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