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I am a Space architect whose work on habitat designs has been awarded by NASA and private institutions and widely exhibited. I was the principal designer and team leader behind Marsha, a novel Mars habitat structural prototype awarded 1st place by NASA in the finale of the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. I co-designed the NASA-awarded Mars Ice House (2015) and NASA co-developed Mars Ice Home (2017), two designs that utilized water ice as a light-transmitting shield for cosmic radiation. I’m an alumnus of Northeastern University's School of Architecture and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. In 2019 I became a fellow at Open Lunar Foundation and in 2020 I joined Blue Origin as Senior Space Architect to design the next generation of Space architecture.

The current chapter of the Space Age is historically significant because companies are putting forth their own visions. I aim to make Space architecture as virtuous as terrestrial architecture and to establish the field as one that asks questions about living in Space such that they do not preclude those architectural virtues.

Deep design, like science, rests on a foundation of inquiry rather than certainty. There are often many valid answers. Good things happen when we put effort into formulating the questions.

ad Spatio quia Terram