architecture and mechanism
*Chiris is looking for an interested buyer. Please contact for details

Chiris sub-scale prototype
Chiris with Danaë

Chiris [“chai-ris”] is a transforming sculpture. The aim was to imagine how the technology and experience of an aperture mechanism could be scaled up and translated into architecture. An innovative, folding origami skin adds a rich third dimension and a shifting pattern of light and shadow.

Chiris is comprised of over 100 wooden arms; each CNC milled, hand-routed, sanded smooth and completed with plastic sleeve inserts. Seven unique joint details, which occur in a pattern throughout, were needed to keep the delicate cladding in-plane as well as to keep cumulative friction minimal.

The supporting structure consists of a 10’ circular frame on a 10’ square base with steel-cables tied back to the square base’s corners. A moment connection at the frame-base joint was avoided by utilizing a high-density foam block cut into the baseboard.

Project team

Jeffrey Montes
Chenyu “Carl” Pu
Danae Vokolos a.k.a. veanad

*Chiris is looking for an interested buyer. Please contact for details.  Please note that the base for the structure was originally built because we were not permitted to alter the site in any way (e.g. anchoring). It may not be necessary to have this base depending on the new installation site.
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