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A modular watercraft and multi-purpose urban architecture.

As a stand-alone piece, the craft design is broken into two parts; the hull, including everything below the floor plane, and the deck, including everything above the floor plane. The hull, like the drivetrain of a car, is standard to all craft, while the deck can be switched out to change the function, or ‘mod’, of each craft when necessary.

Each craft was designed with a six-sided plan that utilizes three-fold rotational symmetry. This symmetry allows for various patterns of clustering, increasing the flexibility of the system.

Like cells in tissue, or ants in a colony, the individual hydropod is highly capable, robust and adapts to its environmentWith power in numbers, the fleet will be able to adapt and change to current needs placed on the system.

Project Team

Sima Shahverdi
Jeffrey Montes
David Malott
Christopher Botham

This work was completed in Jeffrey’s capacity as Head of Space Architecture and Research at AI SpaceFactory. In addition to industrial design with the team, the focus of his work was the design of the hull, propulsion system, and robotic actuation studies.