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1. “MARSHA: Prototyping Our Verical Martian Future” - Autodesk Technology Center Boston - 2019/02/27, Boston, MA, USA (email me if you’d like to attend in person. a live stream on Zoom will begin at 12:00 PM EST here)


  1. Presentation “MARSHA - Our Vertical Martian Future” - New Worlds Space Settlement Symposium - 2018/11/10, Austin, TX, USA
  2. Panel discussion with Bruce Sterling, Yasmina Tešanović, Rudolf Giffinger, Alexander Reben, and Christina Ciardullo and Andreas Rumpfhuber - Living in a Robot? - How Algorithms and Robotic Systems are Changing Architecture and the City - 2017/9/19, MAK, Vienna, Austria
  3. Presentation “ECOTOPE” - New Worlds Space Settlement Symposium - 2017/11/11, Austin, TX, USA.
  4. Lecture “Mars Ice House” - Genspace - 2015/12/07, New York, NY, USA